Gramatik & Eric Krasno – Recovery (Official Music Video)

Eric Krasno

Earlier this month, fans of Gramatik and Eric Krasno were treated to a surprise collaboration from the pair on new single “Recovery.”

Described as a mix between vintage swing and future bass, “Recovery” was met with eager critical appraise as well as fans reactions only to discover that yes, we’re still on the road to “Recovery” with the release of the single’s official music video.

Shot and edited by Andro Kajzer, the visual counterpart of “Recovery” brings to life the tracks sun-kissed, feel-good aura with the use of balmy beach side imagery. Appropriately feeding into the ethos of the track, “Recovery” came to life after Gramatik sustained a leg injury the required him to take a break from the road. This time off the road allowed Gramatik to return his focus on writing, testing new ideas, and producing a host of new music.

For “Recovery,” the release has a more traditional arrangement than what we are generally used to in electronic dance music, so Gramatik made sure the tone of this one is set right from the get go. The track opens with a blissful, 50’s musical instrumentation, and then jumps right into the first verse with no long build-ups. Krasno was responsible for the straight-to-the-point lyrics that don’t hide behind unnecessary metaphors, and he also provided the vocals as well as his signature guitar playing.

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