Doctor by Day, DJ by Night, J-Hamz reveals winners of “Keep On Lovin’” remix contest


In his seventh release, J-Hamz unveils the winners of Digital Empire Records’ remix contest for his original track, “Keep On Lovin’,” featuring lyrics and vocals by Jesse Peters.

The release is a direct result of a truly international collaborative effort helmed by the Canadian doctor, classically trained pianist and electronic music producer, and features remixes by producers in Canada, the United States, Germany, Japan, and Russia.

First up, the Frowny Biscuit remix, which is a gripping journey consisting of two breathtaking drops coupled with some surreal synth tones. The 8-bit samples just before the second drop makes Frowny Biscuit’s remix, our favourite from the package.

Next up is the Chackk Remix, which is an uncompromising future house banger. Filled with a jogging bassline and carefully arranged vocals, Chackk’s remix has an infectious energy making it the tune a certified dancefloor banger.

A complete flipside to Frowny Biscuit’s remix, Korxi’s remix goes hard. Beginning with a long and soothing intro, the tune builds and turns into a wonky experimental stomper.

Like Korxi’s remix, Yackto has completely flipped the tunes on its head. Relentless right from the beginning, Yackto’s remake has the ability to turn any dance-floor upside down.

Last one is the Re_flected remix, which we feel has been produced to the height of the producer’s powers. Re_flected’s rework’s is a rousing trap banger unafraid in its assault.

Grab the entire package here.

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