Jacob Colon Releases December Episodes Of, ‘Made To Move’

jacob colon made to move december

Jacob Colon rounded off 2023 with a powerful collection of episodes for his radio show, ‘Made To Move’; igniting the airwaves with sonic heat, he delivered a December filled with exciting mixes and smash track line-ups, invigorating the month with his electrifying sound.

Seemingly relentless in his pursuit of originality, Jacob Colon continues to cement his place as a fresh and exciting asset within Electronic Music today: consistently presenting memorable episodes each and every week, Jacob Colon’s future no doubt keeps shining bright.

As December saw Jacob Colon bring tracks from a wide selection of Artists, listeners of the show were sure to have been impressed with the diversity and variety of talent on display. Unafraid to dive deep into the genre to find up-and-coming stars deserving of the spotlight, Jacob Colon ensures his show stands out within Electronic Music, and as it now reaches over 40 international radio stations, ‘Made To Move’ is certainly gaining attention. As he keeps shining a light on the very best of House and Tech House, Jacob Colon’s personal tastes continue to be broadcast; with a unique perspective, his show serves as the perfect platform for him to showcase the hottest sounds of the genre and present his musical favourites to followers around the world.

Throughout the month, Jacob Colon bought tracks from Artists like Twolate, David Aurel, Swavé, and Loud ‘N Bright: a carefully curated selection of music, December’s episodes no doubt kept Jacob Colon’s usual standard raised. With such an admirable ability to create powerful, hard-hitting mixes, it is no wonder that Jacob Colon continues to draw in listeners from around the globe; presenting himself as a true influential tastemaker within the genre, Jacob Colon’s distinct take on Electronic Music shines through each episode, making ‘Made To Move’ both memorable in energy and sound, and an unmissable listening experience for any fan of the genre.

So, with a talent and skillset that consistently enables him to strike back with dynamic and adrenaline-fuelled mixes, Jacob Colon remains a noteworthy presence within Electronic Music and one that all genre enthusiasts should keep following. With a promise to continue elevating the pulse-racing vibes of ‘Made To Move’ with even more stellar episodes, January guarantees another collection of must-listen mixes from Jacob Colon; so, a radio show not to miss out on, make sure to tune in to ’Made to Move’ this month.


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