Meetch Releases December Episodes Of, ‘Digital Dance Radio’

meetch digital dance radio december

Continuing to take the Electronic Music world by storm, Meetch kept the standard high with striking episodes of his radio show ‘Digital Dance Radio’ throughout December.

Listen to ‘Digital Dance Radio’ here:

Appearing consistent in his unique approach towards his mixes, Meetch’s tendency to delve into the landscape of the genre to discover the freshest and most original sounds on the scene marks his show as a must-listen for any fan wanting to explore Electronic Dance Music further.

Coming as a particularly memorable moment for the show, Steff da Campo joined the party last month, presenting his unique signature sound as he took to the decks. As the first guest star to join ‘Digital Dance Radio’, Steff da Campo’s feature no doubt highlights Meetch’s impressive reputation and stellar status within Electronic Music today; a renowned Artist in his own right, his episode certainly elevated the listening experience to even more enthralling sonic territories, injecting ‘Digital Dance Radio’ with an extra level of excitement that listeners are sure to have enjoyed. With such a stellar Producer and DJ coming as the first guest on the show, fans of ‘Digital Dance Radio’ are surely looking forward to seeing who will next take to the decks, excited by the high level of talent that Meetch has only just begun to offer.

Throughout every episode, Meetch ensures that the electrifying energy he exudes within his DJ performances translates into the punchy sounds of his mixes; with music groovy in vibes, powerful in beats, and infectious in sonic character, every episode unveils a journey of musical discovery, unmissable to any fan. In December, Meetch made sure to bring a diverse selection of music to his listeners, ranging from well-known tracks like Ethan Healy’s ‘Shinin’’ and ‘Saving Up’ by Dom Dolla to music from rising stars like Cheezy and Seon & Sioxx. Emerging as a true tastemaker when it comes to Dance Music, Meetch’s ‘Digital Dance Radio’ certainly keeps the energy high each week, bringing party starter vibes to invigorate his listeners.

As he continues to find unique ways to stand out within the genre, Meetch continually showcases a compelling perspective on Electronic Music, one that consistently sees him bringing the very best of the genre to the airwaves, shining a light on his favourites of today. So, as the show keeps climbing high on the list of must-listens within Electronic Music, with fans continuing to return week after week to get their next fix of mighty-sounding music, ‘Digital Dance Radio’ surely appears a show to tune into.


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