Melleefresh Releases December Episodes Of, ‘Melleefresh House Party’

melleefresh mellefresh house party december

Throughout December, Melleefresh continued to captivate, bringing more electrifying episodes of her radio show ‘Melleefresh House Party’ for listeners to enjoy.

Listen to “Melleefresh House Party” episodes here:

Consistent in her delivery of mixes that never fail to ignite the airwaves, Melleefresh continues to bring high energy with track listings that are both enthralling and original, stimulating in sonic character. As it quickly becomes known as the perfect destination for Electronic Music fans to get their fix of pulse-racing music, Melleefresh’s radio show keeps drawing in listeners, attracting attention as it presents some of the freshest and most vibrant sounds emerging from Electronic Dance Music today.

As she made sure to end 2023 with punchy, hard-hitting vibes, Melleefresh delivered a collection of episodes that highlighted her vibrant and distinct signature style. Inherently energetic, Melleefresh’s sound consistently shines through in her mixes: carefully constructed, she continually brings the very best of Dance Music, presenting invigorating listening experiences with each and every episode.

With a seemingly innate ability when it comes to her production and mixing abilities, Melleefresh’s impressive skillset continues to be placed in the spotlight with each episode of ‘Melleefresh House Party’: showcasing works from her own catalogue of releases, as well as music from her favourite Artists on the scene, Melleefresh uses her platform in a way that ensures her unique perspective on Dance Music shines through. Varied and diverse, no two episodes of ‘Melleefresh House Party’ appear the same; with track listings that keep the listener engaged and energised, the radio show is no doubt a must-listen for any fan looking to discover the next best sounds of the genre.

Throughout December, Melleefresh took the opportunity to include material from her own production collection, such as her collaboration with Hectic, ‘Snap It’ and her Electro remix of her track ‘Memories’. As she balanced the listening experience with music from a wide selection of talent, including well-known Artists like Bleu Clair and LP Giobbi, Melleefresh made sure to keep her listeners engaged, guiding them on enthralling sonic journeys through the dense and colourful landscape of Electronic Dance Music.

So, no doubt sure to bring more unmissable episodes as we enter 2024, ‘Melleefresh House Party’ remains a radio show to follow closely; with several adrenaline-fueled episodes already in its collection, the show is guaranteed to keep the bar high as it continues to drop mixes dynamic in vibes and mighty in sound.


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