Salvione Releases December Episodes Of, ‘Elevated Radio’

salvione elevated radio december

Ending 2023 on a high, Salvione delivered a collection of striking episodes of his radio show ‘Elevated Radio’.

Fast becoming one of the forerunning listens on the Electronic Music scene today, the show continues to draw in fans, captivating them with its hard-hitting energy and unique mixes. As December bought yet another month of unmissable music, hitting back with smash track line-ups from a diverse range of talent, Salvione made sure that the momentum and traction ‘Elevated Radio’ has so far garnered only continues to soar.

Throughout the month, Salvione kept the bar high, delivering episodes distinct in sonic makeup, presenting listening experiences that no doubt left an impression on listeners; drawing them in with his innate talents and impeccable tastes, Salvione continues to see the fanbase of ‘Elevated Radio’ grow. Now standing with an impressive 3.9 million weekly listeners, Salvione’s radio show is undeniably making an impact on both lovers of Electronic Music and the genre itself.

As he continues to bring music from some of the freshest and hottest Artists currently on the scene, Salvione further cements his reputation as a supportive mentor within Electronic Music. Known to be a loyal advocate for budding Producers and DJs, setting up the Elevate Your Sound Academy in which he supports and guides rising stars within the genre, Salvione now uses his platform to shine a light on some of his favourite up-and-coming talents on the scene. Last month, Salvione included the likes of Leisan, Mirko Di Florio, and Francesco Dinoia in his episodes, bringing a heightened level of excitement with each carefully constructed mix.

Every month Salvione continues to prove himself worthy of the attention he garners: consistently hitting back with must-listen episodes, it is no surprise that fans continue to be drawn back, excited to hear the next instalment of ‘Elevated Radio’. As he works to highlight the best of House and Tech House today, Salvione no doubt remains a key figure whose influence on the landscape of Electronic Music cannot be overlooked. So, with a promise to keep bringing the freshest sounds of the genre, igniting the airwaves with more adrenaline-fuelled music, make sure to tune into the next episode of Salvione’s radio show ‘Elevated Radio’.


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