Kokiri and Dragonette team up on new single – Faith In Love


The Liverpool based producer Kokiri reveals new single in collaboration with Canadian Pop-Electro act Dragonette – Faith In Love. The single is a catchy and upbeat one which shows the blend of two talents.

The captivating vocals begin the track in a great fashion and lead the way to melodic synth plucks and some absolutely addictive beats. The tempo is just perfect for the jumpy vibe that the song intends to create and it does it really well. The thumping climax is enough reason for you to replay the song and groove to it all over again. This one will definitely make you get hooked to it for many days and will surely feature on a lot of dance floors in the coming days!

After gaining support from acts like Anne Marie, Marshmello, Jessie Ware, Naughty Boy, and Craig David, Kokiri has continued to display his ability to make infectious tracks!

“Sometimes as an artist, you find yourself listening to a vocal over and over, desperate to find some inspiration at 3 am on the 46th listen. This wasn’t the case for ‘Faith In Love’. As soon as I heard the vocal, I knew exactly how I wanted this track to sound. I wanted to create an ethereal feel to mirror the emotional context of the lyrics. I wanted the track to subtly build up in energy and then surprise the listener by having a drop that contradicts the delicacy of the lyrics.” – Kokiri

While the production has been master class, the highlight of the track is definitely the scintillating vocals from Gragonette.

“This song is about getting through a dark time to the other side. Sometimes we need a reminder that things won’t always be the way they feel in the moment. There was a time when I was 100% convinced that I wouldn’t trust or love again. This song is my reminder to myself, no matter what I think is true about myself. Be open to being wrong.”- Dragonette

With those exciting words coming from both the artists, one can only wonder how creative and passionate they are about their production. It is this very factor that creates something as amazing as this track.

Buy/Stream the track here and don’t forget to share it with your friends!

Pavan Kumar

Pavan Kumar

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Pavan Kumar

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