Koven launch and release its Reality Reach EP in Space- Yes, Space!

reality reach

The exciting duo Koven have released their EP, Reality Reach, in space. Collaborating with Sent Into Space and Jägermeister, the duo has taken the release to an all new height- yeah literally the stratosphere.

Monstercat dubs it ‘the EP of the year” as the packages were sent into space and the recording of that will be out today, the 14th of August. The teaser was already up on their Facebook page, check it out.

The duo which is fronted by the enchanting vocals of Katie Boyle and the incredible production of Max Rowat, released their first EP ‘Hereinafter’ which set them a good platform followed by ‘Sometime We Are’ on Viper, which got them the ‘Bass EP release’ award at the Bass Music Awards in 2015, which solidified their position further. They made their mark in the industry with free-release of ‘Wake You Up EP’, grabbing the attention of many influential people in the industry.

The duo has had a dear collaboration with Monstercat since the time of its inception and that marks their finding of a home in the industry. Their debut release ‘Silence’ was out on Monstercat and it took the music lovers by storm. In 2016, the duo released the ‘Come To Light EP’ with tracks such as ‘Telling Me’, ‘Breathe Me In’, and ‘Everything’, alongside their debut release.

Catching the attention of music lovers, Koven’s sounds spread to the ears of music supervisors across the globe. This resulted in many of their records being licensed for Hollywood blockbusters, TV commercials and games. The duo was then appointed to compose the music for a £2.7 million TV advertising campaign by Jägermeister as part of its “Craft the Moment” marketing initiative.

Gaining recognition with their organic yet precise production, Koven has seen regular plays on popular radio stations such as Radio 1, Kiss, Capital and XFM along with millions of online streams.

2018 kicked off for Koven, with the release of ‘My Love’ which featured on the rocket League vs. Monstercat Vol.2. They have been quite extraordinary so far and we are sure that their music is only going to get better and fetch them more accolades. Are you set for the soulful voice of Katie and the innovative sounds from Max to let you groove like crazy?


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