Landside – Landside Part 1


Landside is the debut collaboration between Italian producers Hunter/Game and the Icelandic band Kúra.

The sound draws as much from the deep vibe and melancholy ambience of Kúraʼs reflective, dubby moods, as the more insistent groove of Hunter/Game’s dancefloor roots.

Fanney Osk ‘s vocals are like clear warm breath in a cold mountain breeze.

Vibrating waves are set against synths and melodic leads that break the languid feel like the arrival of an intense storm.

Landside Part 1

“A visionary journey into uncharted lands, ranging across uncrossed soundscapes, merging abstract atmosphere with boundless emotion”

In this first remix EP, two wildly different producers offer up their own original takes.

Max Cooper’s remix is as gorgeous and melodic as always, setting Fanney’s vocals floating over a sea of warm synth work and surprisingly driving percussion. Benjamin Damage, meanwhile, fires hard into the dancefloor, digging a channel of tough grooves within the ambient melodies and mellow vocals.

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