Longstoryshort Unveils New Single, ‘Power To The People’

longstoryshort power to the people

The enigmatic producer longstorystory cuts to the chase on his sophomore single for NIGHTMODE, “Power to the People,” an authoritative bass house creation fanning the flames as the next issue from the label’s sixth season.

Attempting to sum up the sound of the New York-bred visionary has become increasingly difficult, especially considering the moves he’s made to pull his narrative out from the shadows of the bass house circuit to delve deeper into a much more nuanced, but equally nail-biting space that he’s lovingly coined as cinematic bass.

With a compelling story unfolding right in front of the dance community’s eyes over the last few years, the imaginative mind that is longstoryshort was able to shine on NIGHTMODE around the same time last year, when he made his debut on the label via his daze-inducing number “Lost Summer,” featuring a thrill-thirsty vocal from Constance.

He’s been hunkered down in the studio working diligently at his craft in the time since then, giving fans a front row seat to the evolution of his artistry. Along the way, he was compelled to tap into the headline-breaking cultural climate from 2020. Channeling his indignation around the unfortunate turn of events, his fiery follow-up perfectly encapsulates the fit of rage experienced by stunned spectators from around the world.

“Power to the People” serves as a loose social commentary for the unfair oppression witnessed last year, funneling the collective frustration into one of the most relatable house records of the year.

On it, he employs an outraged vocal hook meant to restore the balance back over to the real power players of every great nation: the vast majority, often subjected to unfit subjugation. As the call-to-arms hits its cadence with extreme confidence, it is amplified even further with a riveting combination of growling low-end shifts, resonant padlines, punchy percussive arrangements, and suspenseful one-shots.

By all accounts, the essential assembly held by longstoryshort results in an unforgettable dancefloor cut, which takes it upon itself to remind the masses to remember the most important rule which states that true strength lies in numbers.

“With ‘Power to the People,’ I’m sure you can guess what was going on in the world when I put this together— It’s difficult not to have the things happening globally not affect my work…it is a challenge to make a song that makes you want to dance while also touching on politics a little”–longstoryshort


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