Martin Garrix & Mike Yung’s “Dreamer” receives exciting set of remixes

martin garrix dreamer remixes

Three colossal remixes are what you can expect from this release!

One of the most the year’s most unique collaborations was the one that happened between the World’s #1 DJ Martin Garrix and America’s Got Talent semi-finalist, subway singer, Mike Yung.

“Dreamer” was the song that happened after Garrix found the video of Mike on Instagram, and in many ways, it is that one moment that would offer Mike a new lease of life. This amazing collaboration, “Dreamer”, has now received three remixes, from the likes of Nicky Romero, SLVR and EAUXMAR.

Making a gentle opening, the remix from Nicky Romero houses some grand strings and a display of great vocals. The same quickly escalates in energy and drives you towards the euphoric synth works, and some lively beats. The interlude is largely dominated by the addictive vocals from Mike, which is also backed by some choral display. All in all, it is a vibrant remix.

The SLVR remix has got a charm of its own, delivering a deep-house-like vibe to the track. Percussive works are neat and the chord progressions are intricately woven together to provide an absolutely club-ready feeling to the remix.

The final remix by EAUXMAR starts off with rich, gentle synths and an enigmatic display of instrumentals and melodies in the background. You’d be taken by surprise as the first drop approaches, as it truly offers a trippy yet laidback feeling. You’d fall in love with this addictive, down-tempo remix.

The original has reached a lot of people and more importantly, Mike’s confession that Martin literally saved his life touched a lot of people. The song that had a strong story behind it now has three colossal remixes. What do you think of them? Let us know in the comment below.

Download the album here.

Pavan Kumar


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