Rising Los Angeles Talent Meetch Drops Electrifying Single, ‘Androids’

meetch androids

Rising Los Angeles-based DJ and producer Meetch returns to the release radar with his latest electrifying offering, ‘Androids’.

Following the success of his debut single ‘See You Dance’, the latest to come from the shining talent showcases Meetch’s evolution as a producer, featuring a dynamic fusion of his signature tech-house roots and powerful bass house elements.

With over a decade of experience in live music under his belt, Meetch has gained a reputation for his ability to get the crowd moving, and ‘Androids’ is no exception. ‘Androids’ is out now and available to stream across all platforms

Prepare to be swept away by the spellbinding sounds of ‘Androids’, a dynamic offering that showcases Meetch’s ability to seamlessly fuse a plethora of electronic elements to create a unique and captivating production. With an electrifying blend of powerful percussive arrangements and mesmerizingly abstract synth work, this scintillating track is a masterpiece of modern dance music. Meetch’s innate production capabilities are on full display in his masterful fusion of compelling basslines, intricate percussive patterns, and catchy vocals samples. The pulsating bassline serves as the driving force behind the track’s infectious energy, while intricately crafted percussion and enchanting vocals add depth and texture, resulting in a rich and breathtakingly modern track that is sure to captivate and enthrall listeners.

“I couldn’t be more stoked to drop my second track, ‘Androids’! After coming up wit the robotic vocals, I know that a sliding modulated bass synth could really tie this drop together. A simple baseline that will surely make people have that “dirty look” when they hit the dance flor. Robots are becoming more and more prevalent now. With a new era of AI, will humanoid robots be the end of all existence?

As Meetch’s artistry and creativity continue to flourish, listeners are left eagerly anticipating a handful of exhilarating, sonically diverse offerings to drop within the coming months. With a packed schedule of live performances and studio sessions ahead, Meetch is poised to take the dance music scene by storm. ‘Androids’ is a stunning showcase of his undeniable musical prowess, serving as a vibrant and dynamic testament to his rising star power.

Meetch’s exceptional technical skills, coupled with his ability to effortlessly defy the confines of genre, sets him apart as one of the most promising emerging acts in the dance music space. As the summer heats up, dance music fans around the world can look forward to experiencing the infectious energy of Meetch firsthand.


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