Meeting Molly Releases Ethereal Melodic House EP ‘Time Is A Remedy’

meeting molly time is a remedy

Having recently reached the number one spot on the SiriusXM Chill charts, Russian tastemaker Meeting Molly returned to Monstercat today with his soothing four-track EP, ‘Time Is A Remedy.’

Inspired by the unpredictable nature of life, Meeting Molly channels his emotions and experiences into ‘Time Is A Remedy,’ carefully crafting a sensation of hope in the weightless soundscape.

The bright synths, deep bass, and crisp percussion mix perfectly together, culminating in a laid back vibrant melody. With its gentle pulsating energy, ‘Time Is A Remedy’ makes for the perfect soundtrack to introspective meditation sessions.

Meeting Molly shares, “No matter how difficult it is for you at the moment, remember that a dark stripe is always followed by a light.”

‘Time Is A Remedy’ Tracklist:

1. Time Is A Remedy
2. Harmony
3. Time Is A Remedy (Extended Mix)
4. Harmony (Extended Mix)


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