Mozzey & Zaza: Come with me


One of the finest upcoming acts in the country, Mozzey is here with his first official single under his new moniker.

Indian artist Zhimo Vitolu hails from Kohima, Nagaland, and used to produce under the name Vitz Zhimo until recently. He even used to play the drums for northeastern band Polar Lights, so has quite a few years of experience as well as a wide variety of skills in his repertoire. He left the band in 2013 for his solo project as Vitz, and has some splendid releases with Chill Trap Records.

Music production came easily to him, as some artists are just born with it. Being a self taught artist and experimenting with sounds he found online and using internet-provided tools, Mozzey has come a long way now. He draws his influences from the aesthetics around him and Japanese pop music, culminating into a truly unique sound that reflects well in his latest work.

“Come With Me” is the first of many brilliant releases to come. Featuring vocals from the stunning duo Virie & Zaza, both amazing artists in their own right, this track is set up to succeed. It’s the sort of unique, chill electronic sound that is unarguably pleasing to hear. Mozzey has set the bar high with his very first release under this new project, and we’re excited for what’s next.

Download it here.

What do you think of Mozzey’s new single? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments’ section below.


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