New York’s Live Trio N/UM Is Back With ‘First Light EP’

n/um first light

In the wake of a dynamic performance that set ablaze the New Year’s Eve sky at the Cityfox celebration in the heart of Avant Gardner, NYC’s pulsating hub, the vibrant live collective N/UM unveils their latest opus, ‘First Light.’

Released under the Ninetofire banner, this EP emerges as a testament to N/UM’s alchemical ability to distill their live and spontaneous studio sessions into extraordinary and timeless productions.

‘First Light’ defies the conventional constraints of genres, effortlessly traversing the realms of Minimal, Melodic, and Deep House, birthing an entirely novel sonic landscape. Enriched by the fusion of live instruments and vocals, interwoven with classic electronic instruments, the trio’s sonic signature embarks on a hypnotic, dreamlike journey with layers of profound depth.

From the celestial echoes of effects-laden electric guitars to the evocative hum of analog synthesizers, pulsating modular gear, enthralling vocals, and the heartbeat of rhythm-driving drum machines—’First Light’ is a symphony of authenticity emanating from the soul of New York. This EP not only captures the essence of N/UM’s artistic prowess but also paints a vivid sonic mural that encapsulates the electric energy and boundless creativity that defines the heart and soul of the city that never sleeps.


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