Thomas Lemmer And Oine Present Debut Album ‘One Vision’

thomas lemmer one vision

The German electronic maestro Thomas Lemmer and Spanish virtuoso Oine (Adrián Márquez) unfolds pure magic in their debut masterpiece “One Vision.”

Lemmer and Oine embark on a quest to challenge the conventional norms of musical composition. Their avant-garde methodology establishes an unfiltered connection between raw emotions and the ethereal notes, free from the shackles of mainstream influences. Despite a geographical expanse of 1222 miles, the duo orchestrates the entire album remotely—a testament to the transcendental power of music, dissolving borders and uniting souls. Their shared vision breaches artistic confines, effortlessly fusing genres and reshaping the very fabric of the musical landscape.

The result is an opus of unparalleled excellence, weaving a spellbinding narrative that captivates and inspires its audience. A testament to their dedication, Lemmer and Oine meticulously crafted the album over nearly a year, ensuring an impeccable attention to detail and a mastery of sound. Collaborations with virtuoso guest musicians ROO J and guitarist Andreas Bach add layers of richness to three mesmerizing compositions.

Recognizing the futuristic essence inherent in the album, bespoke formats were deemed indispensable. The decision to harness the power of Dolby Atmos for mixing crafts an immersive, three-dimensional sonic journey. While the stereo version is an auditory marvel, the Dolby Atmos format, best experienced through headphones on platforms like Apple Music or Tidal, transcends boundaries, elevating the album to new heights. The wizardry of Dolby Atmos mixing, orchestrated by the acclaimed Eric Horstmann (known for his collaborations with Moderat, Rodriguez JR, and Robin Schulz), propels listeners into an unparalleled sonic odyssey. “One Vision” indisputably emerges as a truly extraordinary album, standing in a league of its own, a magnum opus that transcends the ordinary.


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