Olivander – Youth Blindness

Youth Blindness

The cohesive blend of the ballet dancer, bespoke designer, architect, and digital artist has resulted in this piece, Youth Blindness.

This collaboration of artists began with the music and video recordings of Olivander and the unique collaboration with Colette Gasperini, from the Italian Stefanescu Ballet, and CROP, an Italian independent stylist creating only unique pieces.

Modeled after the sleek flow of a cape, CROP’s creator fashions bespoke dresses to reflect the intricacy and poise of the wearer. The quality of materials and intricacy of the craft immediately appealed to Olivander’s parallel approach to digital production of audio and video. Two minds with similar processes coming together to develop products each tempting in their own way.

Leveraging Olivander’s idea is the structural design ‘La Prua’ plaza by Italian architect Marino Bonizzato. Crafted to represent the renaissance themes that were essential in evolving the art and expression both locally and globally. Located in the Italian coastal town of Rimini, the area boasts a rich history of innovation. Bonizzato’s design reflects the bravery and innovation by champions of industry and art.

The video results in an intricate mix of metaphors to express the blindness of youth. From the outside to the inside, the plaza chosen evokes a metaphysical place that first of all in philosophy and then in picture stands for an elevated place out of time and close to God, expressed through different philosophical concepts and visual rules. We move then to the clothes, designed to represent the human aesthetics of youth. Elegant, powerful, and flexible, made of raw fine materials; the body representing the human soul, blind approaching the world through its touch and enjoying the space around itself without really understanding it, till it finds another soul and creates a relationship, the ultimate human goal in society and modernity.

At its foundation, the track presents an intricate framework of abstract percussion. Gently rising chords complement grainy compression from the dusty gear of Olivander’s flea market studio. A delicate balance of techno influences, experimental production, and catchy arrangement, Youth Blindness is evidence of underground evolution.

As an abstract view of passion and drive without direction, this alignment of artists focuses on the millennial outlook. Wandering through art and life, this is the age of Youth Blindness.


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