PEEKABOO Releases Highly Anticipated Single, “Badders” Featuring Skrillex, G-Rex & Flowdan

peekaboo badders

Detroit-native bass music revolutionary Matthew Lucas, also known as PEEKABOO, is set to shake the music scene once again with his latest release, “Badders ft. Skrillex, G-Rex & Flowdan,” now on Skrillex’s esteemed OWSLA label.

“G-Rex, one of my best friends, was going through some personal hardships, so I invited him to Detroit. I thought we could channel that emotion into our music, and that’s when we created ‘Badders.'” PEEKABOO also credited Skrillex and Flowdan for their unique contributions to the track, saying, “Working with Flowdan was an incredible experience; he’s such a wizard at creating lyrics… The same goes for Skrillex; he genuinely cares about music.”

An embodiment of PEEKABOO’s groundbreaking sound, the track features none other than EDM icon Skrillex, a key influence in PEEKABOO’s musical journey. The collaboration is rounded off with the talents of G-Rex and Flowdan, resulting in a track that combines the best of bass music with an experimental, non-conformist edge.

“Badders” is a testament to the journey that PEEKABOO has undertaken from the time he first heard Skrillex’s “Kill Everybody” during a gaming session as a teenager. Earlier this year, PEEKABOO was featured as a collaborator on Skrillex’s comeback album, Quest for Fire (“Hydrate”). Now, having the very artist who sparked his fascination with electronic music featured on his own track, PEEKABOO’s journey has come full circle.

The single is a deliberate celebration of creative expression, reflecting Lucas’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of music and remaining true to his artistic vision. “We didn’t overthink it; we focused on creating something that we both enjoyed and connected with,” PEEKABOO explained about the process.

The release of “Badders” through Skrillex’s renowned OWSLA label marks a significant moment, as PEEKABOO continues to establish his reputation as an innovator and trendsetter in the EDM scene. Commenting on its reception, PEEKABOO shared, “Playing it live has been crazy. When I first started playing it, people didn’t know what it was, but the reactions have always been crazy… That’s when I knew this track was going to be huge; you can just listen to it over and over again.”

PEEKABOO is recognized for his contributions to popularizing experimental, left-field bass music, playing it live before hundreds of thousands in 2023 with marquee appearances at Okeechobee, EDC Las Vegas, Bonnaroo, & Electric Forest.

PEEKABOO’s journey, his collaborations, and his unwavering passion for creating music and nurturing a deep connection with his fans continue to underscore his significant presence in the music industry. With the release of “Badders” via OWSLA, PEEKABOO is set to redefine the sonic landscape of electronic music.


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