Manuel Kane Serves An Eclectic House Mix

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We’re thrilled to welcome a musical maestro to our blog today.

Born in the spirited city of Thessaloniki, Greece, in 1986, Manuel Kane—better known in some circles as Manos Karagiannidis—has crafted a remarkable journey from his Grecian roots to the global stage.

In 2004, a young Manos discovered the allure of the DJ deck, marking the beginning of an artistic voyage that would come to shape his creative narrative. But 2012 proved transformative: with an enduring love for Electronic and House vibes, deepened by rigorous studies in music theory and keyboard expertise, Manos ventured boldly into music production.

His evolution in the industry paints a vivid mosaic of sound, touching upon a vast spectrum of House subgenres—from the resonant depths of Deep House to the vibrant pulse of Afro, Disco, and Jazz-influenced beats. While the echo of industry stalwarts can be detected in his tunes, Manos stands as a testament to boundless creativity, refusing to be tethered to a singular genre. He is an embodiment of pure artistic spirit, chasing inspiration wherever it beckons.

Today, we’re privileged to share with our readers an exclusive guest mix by Manos Karagiannidis. This curated set offers a glimpse into his eclectic taste and unparalleled skill.


00:00: T Sounds – Croatian Island (Manuel Kane Remix)
04:12: Manuel Kane – Back
08:39: Arise – World Spin (Manuel Kane Remix)
11:17: Manuel Kane – Beats Of No Nation
15:28: Deephope – I Will Show You (Manuel Kane Remix)
19:13: Manuel Kane – So Long
23:24: Manuel Kane – No Sense
27:04: T.Markakis, Manuel Kane – Release Yourself

Plug in your headphones, and prepare for a transcendent auditory experience that spans the globe, courtesy of Manos Karagiannidis. We guarantee this mix will transport you—from the sun-kissed shores of Thessaloniki to a cosmopolitan dance floor where music knows no bounds.


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