Raw Ideology Unveils New Single, ‘Surgery’

raw ideology surgery

Raw Ideology has unleashed his latest Techno track titled ‘Surgery,’ on Hotstage Records, part of the Gasoline Volume 2 compilation, showcasing his unique and distinctive sound that sets him apart in the Electronic Music scene.

As a talented Producer and DJ, Raw Ideology has been gaining recognition for his passionate creativity and innovative approach to music production. With a growing fan base and a reputation that continues to soar, it is evident that Raw Ideology has established himself as a magnetic figure in the realm of Electronic Music.

With ‘Surgery,’ Raw Ideology once again demonstrates his ability to fuse the raw intensity of Underground and Acid Techno with hypnotic, groovy, raw elements creating a sound that is truly his own. His previous releases on renowned labels, like Fine Mode, Mental Schizophrenia, and Hotstage have solidified his position as a pioneering force in the industry. The track ‘Surgery’ captivates listeners from the get-go with its pulsating beats and compelling energy, delivering an immersive sonic experience that keeps the energy levels high throughout.

Opening with a hard-hitting beat, listeners are propelled into a hypnotising soundscape from the very first hit; led on an enthralling sonic journey as gnarly synths, gritty bass lines and a dynamic low-end layer into the mix, ‘Surgery’ makes sure its listeners are captivated, drawing them in with its relentless energy and commanding sound. As the shuffled rhythms and thumping beats keep the momentum high, intricate sonic elements soon join, introducing a breakdown detailed with electrifying hooks and compelling rhythms. With the intensity high throughout, ‘Surgery’ no doubt delivers a listening experience that is both punchy in energy and mesmerising in sound, leading to a track sure to impress both Techno lovers and fans of Raw Ideology.

This latest offering from Raw Ideology is a testament to his versatile talent and prowess as a Producer, cementing his status as one of the top innovators in the Electronic Music genre today. To stay updated on Raw Ideology’s future projects and releases, be sure to follow him on social media. ‘Surgery’ is now available for streaming and download on various platforms.


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