Ornery Remixes Sundrej Zohar’s Single, ‘Blackout’

sundrej zohar blackout ornery

DJ and music Producer Ornery is here with an exciting release via his label Daydreaming; his own take on talented Producer Sundrej Zohar’s track ‘Blackout; this track comes as the second release of the label, that aims to highlight fresh and established names in the Melodic world.

Sundrej Zohar is making a name for himself as a talented Melodic Techno Producer, and now, bringing this release to the forefront, he’s joined by fresh talents that breathe new life to his already powerful productions. This release presents 2 originals by Zohar; ‘Blackout’ and ‘Higher Dimensions’ alongside 3 remixes by skillful producers Arielle LB, Burnside and Daydreaming’s label founder Ornery.

Ornery’s Melodic Techno version of the track displays his talent as a Producer, presenting his unique sound and approach to music production, as well as, his vision as a label owner and artist, opening up new avenues of creativity and providing an important platform for fellow Producers and DJs to showcase their talent and sound.

On Ornery’s remix of ‘Blackout’, a driving beat kickstarts the track, alongside a commanding bassline, dark pulsating synthlines, ethereal pads and an intense yet hypnotic energy that carry the dynamic atmosphere of this track.

This remix releases bursts of energy highlighting a lush string section and gritty sonic elements that take the track to a new level; this production highlights Ornery’s skills as a sound designer and Producer, showcasing his name as one to follow closely.

This release marks a new chapter in Ornery’s career as a Producer and label boss, further cementing his name as an innovator and promoter of talent, and also highlighting his signature sound and style. Make sure to follow Ornery on social media to remain updated on his latest projects and releases. ‘Blackout’ is out on Daydreaming and available in all major online stores and streaming platforms.


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