Rogerseventytwo Release New Single, ‘Overboard’

rogerseventytwo overboard

After ‘Artificial Love’ and ‘Go Back’, Rogerseventytwo is continuing his journey of making that 00’s sounding Indie/Disco/Electro flavored track with a pinch of the filtered french touch, and his new effort goes by the name of ‘Overboard’.

As a huge fan of the 00’s French House Era, he tried to focus on getting that specific feeling back. With ‘Overboard’ he focused on the filtered disco vibes, creating a timeless piece for the club that is accessible for a wider audience of the house genre.

Rogerseventytwo: ‘’With ‘Overboard’ I tried to simulate as if the track is sample based. But all elements are composed and pitched up to have the same feel as a sample house track. With a repeating soulful choir, a groovy bass line, funky guitars, swirly strings and a catchy vocal, ‘Overboard’ is taking you back in time.’


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