ROSSY Recruits Stellar Crew On The 8-Track ‘HEAVENS DOOR (The Remixes)’ Featuring Deadcrow, Holly, CAB, Baaric And More

rossy heavens door (the remixes)

Los Angeles-based ROSSY is one of the electronic music scene’s fastest-rising stars.

2023 has been a massive breakout year for the multi-talented artist, with her debut EP ‘HEAVENS DOOR’ arriving on the iconic HARD Recs, in addition to the accompanying debut headline tour. Offering an exclamation point on the banner year comes the impressive ‘HEAVENS DOOR’ Remix EP. The project sees some of the best electronic music producers breathing new life into her debut with reworks from Deadcrow, Holly, CAB, Hex Cougar, Baaric, Lightyear, Cerdin, and So Dope.

Netherlands-based producer Deadcrow has been setting the scene ablaze with his inventive take on the ever-expanding wave genre that mixes futuristic and heavy elements. His remix of “ANTHEM” leads the charge taking the honors of kicking off the project. The opening offers a steadily building sense of excitement with a slight hint of unease. Choppy breakbeat builds and revving synths swell below the cinematic soundscape until the track shapeshifts into its purest form. Anthemic melodic leads soar over punchy percussion and full-bodied low-end. A brief break divides the fuel-injected drops before Deadcrow steps on the gas and accelerates the tempo for a heart-racing finale fueled by chest-thumping kicks, dizzying melodies, and twisty vocal bends. The end result is a thrilling top-gear rework that sets the bar through the roof.

Giving fans two distinct takes on “KARMA,” the project sees remixes from enigmatic Portugal-born production expert Holly and rising talent CAB. The former pairs a rave-ready introduction with Jazz Cartier’s daring vocals before descending listeners into a world of masterfully minimal yet exceptionally impactful deep bass. The way the haunting vocal chops saunter over the gritty basslines is truly a work of dark magic. CAB switches the scene by delivering a deadly dose of the energetic trap sound that’s helped to put him on the map. From the hypnotic leads to the snapping drum programming and gritty 808s, the track feels like the soundtrack to an epic fight scene.

Holly shares his excitement around being involved with the remix EP, saying, “This remix happened as Rossy invited me to make my own interpretation of her song ‘Karma,’ and it was super fun to go into it and flip it my way. Rossy was one of my favorite producers and DJs this year so I am super grateful for the opportunity to be part of this release!”

Hex Cougar’s remix of “DON’T SAY” is everything one could ask for. Effortlessly fusing elements of the original with an immersive and uplifting sound palette that draws influences from trap, wave, and beyond. Built around ROSSY’s compelling one-liner, the vocals are echoed throughout, injecting the underlying heartache and loss that fueled ROSSY’s original rendition. Instead of drifting into the darkness, Hex Cougar opts to alter the course, piercing through the clouds and into brighter skies with an unbridled euphoric exploration. The namesake vocals twist and weave through crisp trap drums, moody chord riffs, surging Reese bass, and shifting melodic leads, resulting in an emotive ride that’s powered by a sense of resolute hope.

Hex Cougar speaks to the new direction showcased within the rework, stating, “For this remix, I really wanted to create something totally different than what I usually make. My music is usually super dark and moody, so I thought it would be fun to try and write something super euphoric and playful while still channeling that underlying heaviness that’s characteristic of all my music. I took a lot of inspiration from one of my biggest idols, Rustie, and the beat and chords in the beginning are heavily influenced by Playboi Carti’s music, as well.”

L.A.-based Baaric delivers another stunning take on “Don’t SAY” that’s truly beautiful. Lush soundscapes are draped in orchestral undertones offering a cinematic introduction that utilzes ROSSY’s majestic vocals to deliver waves of emotion. The first drop is powerful and immersive offering a refreshingly captivating future bass sound with an electrifying edge. Delicate instrumentation creates a serene reprieve before the track builds to its truly epic finale. Towering synths shine with superlative sound design for an uplifting climax that transcends its earthly confines.

Baaric speaks to the connection that brought the remix to life: “I have been friends with ROSSY for a while now since she started playing my music at shows, so releasing a remix with her embodies everything full circle.”

Bringing back in a gritter sound palette comes Chicago-based Lightyear’s thrilling take on “DIETY.” Sci-fi sonics drive the track forward with a futuristic sense of danger and wonder. Rapid-fire percussion rings off alongside pitched-down vocal samples, fierce leads, and rattling low-end. Ever-evolving, the break sees a techno-inspired influence that continually morphs with the second drop sauntering between stunning future bass and filthy hard-hitting trap. The dichotomy of light and dark offers a delicate yet aggressive dance that’s irresistible.

Lightyear opens up about the writing process of the rework: “This remix was an interesting project because the first drop came to me rather quickly and I was really stuck writing a second drop that felt like a meaningful addition to the remix. I tried out a more melodic approach and it ended up as a really fun way to continue the energy in the remix.”

Canadian producer Cerdin takes on one of the project’s heaviest hitters with his reimagination of “LYRA.” Retaining the otherworldly allure and alien-like lead, Cerdin adds to the uneasy yet addictive appeal of the track with subtle melodic flourishes and sinister sound design. The subtlety is foregone within the aggressive first drop, which sees laser-like synths destroying the scene over an off-kilter yet potent beat. The bridge between the heavier-hitting sections plays like an epic ascent through a beam of light. The familiar melody from the original finds its way in before giving way to a pulse-racing and heart-thumping retooled second drop that flirts with elements of techno and hard dance while offering a seductive and sexy sense of temptation to draw you along. The echoing finale offers a reflective conclusion that snaps listeners out of the dreamlike state Cerdin has constructed.

Cerdin breaks down the inspiration behind his take on the track, saying, “ROSSY became a close friend of mine a few years ago, so we’ve always been in each other’s creative corner. When I was approached to work on a remix for the EP, I was so excited to have another opportunity to blend worlds with someone so dear to me. My goal for my ‘LYRA’ remix was to mirror the same sonic intensity of the original, while reshaping elements to speak a new language. Both Rossy and I gravitate to similar sounds and musical energies, so to remix one of her songs felt like such a natural process. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!”

So Dope brings the project to its conclusion with a moving remix of the title track. The New York-based producer pushes his sonic boundaries with a captivating take on “HEAVENS DOOR.” ROSSY’s enchanting vocals take center stage as fluttering arps and an evocative melody deliver an emotional punch. The raw vocal sample switches up the mood before descending into a bouncy and booming rolling bassline that’s heavy-hitting yet impossibly smooth. Stripping back the track allows ROSSY’s vocals to cut through the soul even deeper than ever before. Razor-sharp percussion, So Dope’s signature vocal chops, heavenly melodics, and that wonderful bassline intertwine with expert finesse. The minimal outro pairs distant vocals and keys for a deeply moving conclusion.

ROSSY is a Los Angeles-based multi-hyphenate talent who has become a powerhouse in the electronic music space. Her debut EP arrived on HARD Recs earlier this year to critical acclaim from, FUXWITHIT, Dancing Astronaut, Your EDM, Fusion Nostalgia, Find Your Sounds, and The Music Essentials. She is currently in the second phase of her debut ‘HEAVENS DOOR’ tour, which has seen numerous sold out shows including back-to-back sellouts with Brownies & Lemonade at Moroccan Lounge. She’s the winner of the Annie Nightingale 2023 Scholarship on BBC1 and was touted as an ‘Artist To Watch’ by Dancing Astronaut for 2022, in addition to receiving support from legends like RL Grime, Madeon, Flosstradamus, Zeds Dead, Slumberjack, Illenium, Party Favor, and many more.

The ‘HEAVENS DOOR (Remixes)’ showcases some of the best talent in electronic music, giving ROSSY’s breakout EP a second life and new meaning while underlining the exceptional foundational elements that made it so special.

HEAVENS DOOR (Remixes) Track List:

ROSSY – ANTHEM (Deadcrow Remix)
ROSSY – KARMA w/ Jazz Cartier (Holly Remix)
ROSSY – KARMA w/ Jazz Cartier (CAB Remix)
ROSSY – DON’T SAY (Hex Cougar Remix)
ROSSY – DON’T SAY (Baaric Remix)
ROSSY – DEITY (Lightyear Remix)
ROSSY – LYRA (Cerdin Remix)
ROSSY & Pauline Herr – HEAVENS DOOR (So Dope Remix)

ROSSY’s ‘HEAVENS DOOR (Remixes)’ is available on all platforms via ROSSY.


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