SILK Releases Hotly Anticipated New EP ‘Regret The Morning’

silk regret the morning

Breakthrough electronic artist SILK continues his meteoric rise with the much-hyped release of his stunning new EP ‘Regret The Morning’, out on 23rd February.

‘Regret The Morning’ is an eclectic collection that shows off SILK’s full suite of talents, ranging from addictive pop hooks to thoughtful ambient instrumentals. After the enchanting tones of instrumental intro ‘Relish The Night’, the title track ‘Regret The Morning’ enters with memorable indie pop hooks featuring Australian singer Mali Koa. The smash collaboration ‘Reason’ with Paige Cavell follows, as well as the late summer 2023 banger ‘On My Mind’ and the hugely successful ‘Quiver’, which has amassed well over 30 million global streams to date across all platforms, plus major radio support on both sides of the pond with SiriusXM’s Diplo’s Revolution in the US, as well as BBC Radio 1 and KISS in the UK.

On the EP’s home stretch, ‘Moments’ is a euphoric banger high in both BPM and emotion, framed around a poignant stream-of-consciousness feature from London artist KiLLOWEN, before the release ends on a high with ‘Last Time’ featuring a soaring, artfully distorted lead vocal from EVALINA.

“We currently live in a time when music is consumed so passively, so whilst writing ‘Regret The Morning’, I really set out to write a full-bodied piece of work that would represent exactly where I am as an artist right now”, says SILK. “I really love the fact that we basically have an ‘indie pop’ song in the form of the title track ‘Regret The Morning’ and an ambient garage instrumental with ‘Pick Any Key To Start’ on the same EP… it is a physical embodiment of everything I love about music and everything I set out to achieve in writing music up until this point in my career, I couldn’t be prouder of it and I hope people can connect to it as much as I have.”

‘Regret The Morning’ sets the scene for SILK’s upcoming UK tour in March, with dates at Manchester’s YES Pink Room, Bristol’s Rough Trade and London’s The Garage on 5th, 6th & 7th March.

SILK is fresh off a busy year of touring, including a hugely successful Aus + NZ tour with Australian DJ and producer Golden Features as well as a string of debut UK festival dates, finishing off with a closing set at Leeds Festival in front of 25,000 people, as well as his SOLD OUT debut headline London show in September. SILK has clocked some impressive numbers across the board including 43 million catalogue streams, 65 million TikTok views as well as a plethora of international radio love.

SILK’s meteoric rise has been nothing short of a miracle. From quitting his job to pursue his music career at the beginning of 2022 to now growing a social following of 100k+ in the space of a couple of years, his feel-good production and infectious personality have gained plaudits on a global level.

‘Regret The Morning’ culminates a period of huge growth for SILK and sets alight another big year for this rapidly developing artist.


Relish The Night (Intro)
Regret The Morning ft Mali-Koa
Reason ft Paige Cavill
On My Mind ft JIM
Press Any Key To Start
Moments ft KiLLOWEN
Last Time ft EVALINA

Tour dates

5th March – YES Pink Room, Manchester
6th March – Rough Trade, Bristol
7th March – The Garage, London


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