Slaptop – With You [ALBUM]


San Francisco based producer Slaptop has announced the release of his new album, “With You,” which features collaborations with a whole host of musicians.

Known for his versatility as a producer, Slaptop’s newest album showcases his vast musical influences – from Jazz music, to pop, to hip-hop – and seamlessly blends together his various influences into one impressive album.
Having already topped Hype Machine charts with his originals, Slaptop has also made official remixes for the likes of Fetty Wap, Zhu, Bob Moses, Jaymes Young and more.

A simple look at those names will tell you just how versatile the producer is and how willing he is to explore any sonic territory.

This is the inevitable next step for the producer, as “With You” marks his debut artist album. It features collaborations with the likes of Geneva White, Will Fraker, Olivia Florentino, Tate Kobang, Maxine Marcus and Adam Levine protégé Rozzi Crane.

The flow of tracks has a very natural feel to it, with “Passenger” featuring Will Fraker- a disco/house tune that was also release on on The Magician’s Potion Records – to “What I Mean,” a rap and pop crossover track that utilizes verses from Tate Kobang to cement its versatility. Given it’s different styles, “With You” is sure to appeal to a vast audience.

Grab it here.

With You Tracklisting

1. Panama
2. Another Life (Feat. Geneva White)
3. Passenger (Feat. Will Fraker)
4. I Try (Feat. Olivia Florentino)
5. With You
6. What I Mean (Feat. Tate Kobang)
7. Jump Into (Feat. Maxine Marcus)
8. Come Down (Feat. Rozzi Crane
9. Change
10. Palm
11. Settling


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