Slick Don reveals visuals for Dat Boi, alongside new EP – Hold Out

Hold Out

The new EP ‘Hold Out’ from Birmingham-based Slick Don features four tracks with his trademark grime sound. The title track gives us a positive message of resilience through the everyday struggles in 2018.

The title track – Hold Out, features Emira on beautiful vocals. It talks about a lot of personal issues which are generally not spoken out in open. It also has the work of Walter Ego on the production.

The first single ‘Dat Boi’ is a thumping and energetic track which now, also has a video released for it. The track makes you want to groove and also get in sync with the crisp rap! And the video is equally creative and dynamically created. About the track, he says, “Dat Boi is about a boy from the ends, coming from nothing and trying to make something of himself whilst remaining himself true to his roots. Dat Boi is Slick Don telling the world that he is the MAN.” 

The video, premiered on the The Fader, was directed by the Broken Antenna team, who have previously worked with the likes of Toddla T & Hak Baker. The creative process was time consuming and meticulous.

They explain: “We loved the energy of the track and wanted to match it with a concept that’s equally fast paced – cutting rapidly between shots to give a collage feel. Every shot was done 5 times from 5 different angles to seamlessly cut from one angle to another. To push the concept one step further, we wanted to include stop-frame animation that had an analogue and rough feel – avoiding a clean, digital aesthetic so we printed 2386 stills from the video, scanned every single one of them, printed them out then cut Slick Don out of each piece of paper by hand and then did stop-frame animation so scenes could transport from digital film to analogue collage.”

The other track, ‘Murking Again’ is once again an incredibly energetic track that sets the energy levels right up there. Production assistance from London based producer Jammz adds all the slicker vibes to it.

This is a promising new EP with works that can impress any hip-hop/rap fan across the globe. It is only another feather in the cap for the ‘Slick Don’.

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Pavan Kumar


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