Snavs – End With You (Feat. KING)


When two of Denmark’s most exciting recording artists, Snavs & King join forces, the result is an essential pop record of Snavs ‘End With You’ featuring King.

With an uplifting pop record with genuine emotional heft. ‘End With You’ is Snavs and KING’s first collaboration, and manages to achieve convey multiple emotions due to the nuanced production and vocal performance. At once optimistic and melancholy, life affirming and reflective, it is immediately and powerfully affecting.

A music video for ‘End With You’ is also released alongside the single. Snavs and KING had a chance meeting in LA earlier this year and decided to shoot a video in the surrounding desert. Shot in a single take, it starts in striking monochrome before transitioning to colour at the midway point.

“I wanted to do a pop banger but still with a melancholic vibe, and I really think we got that with ‘End With You’. KING is a really talented new singer and we’re great friends so I’m really happy to release this record with her featuring.” – Snavs

“This track is about killing the evil voice within yourself. It sounds like I’m singing to someone else but actually I’m singing to myself. I am very excited about this collab – Snavs is doing so great so I’m pleased to do this with him.” – KING

Grab it here.

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