Soki Presents His Captivating EP, “Infinite”

soki infinite

Seamlessly weaving the authentic and the electronic, the innovative and rising talent, Soki, is poised to unveil his much-anticipated EP, “Infinite”, on Zeds Dead’s trailblazing Altered States label.

This sensational release is marked for September 14th.

At the heart of the breakbeat resurgence, Soki stands as a beacon of originality, challenging sonic norms and reshaping electronic landscapes. A native of Los Angeles, his transformative journey from a concert-loving youngster to a paradigm-shifting artist reflects in every beat, every synth, and every soulful note of his music.

Quote from SOKI:
“This is my first time releasing a two track EP, musically it allowed me to create a longer story than with just one song alone. I was able to sculpt what feels like a world within them.”

The EP, containing the tracks “Infinite” and “Siren’s Calling”, encapsulates Soki’s audacious dive into his profound journey of self-discovery. With inspirations drawn from his early concert experiences and the transformative phase where he eschewed imitation to create his singular sound, both tracks promise a harmonious blend of pulsating energy, haunting melodies, and the genuine essence that distinguishes Soki from the rest.

Altered States, conceived by the legendary Zeds Dead in 2021, stands as a bastion for artists with a vision beyond the ordinary. Soki’s collaboration with the label not only represents a synergy of musical aspirations but also celebrates his profound admiration for Zeds Dead, the duo that graced many of the raves he frequented.

Having left an indelible mark on grand stages such as Electric Forest with his innate ability to synchronize with the crowd’s pulse, Soki’s musical philosophy harmonizes with iconic festivals like Tomorrowland and EDC. “Infinite” and “Siren’s Calling” are more than just tracks; they are sonic narratives, embodying Soki’s commitment to creating evocative and moving soundscapes.


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