Liaison’s Rhythmic Evolution: From Sparks to ‘Love Will Take You Higher’

liaison interview

The effervescent world of Drum and Bass pulsates with a myriad of sounds, where new tracks come and go like waves crashing on a beach.

Yet, every so often, a tune rises above the cacophony, echoing long after its last note has played. Liaison’s ‘Love Will Take You Higher’ is one such melodic siren, pulling us into its immersive depths.

When asked about the inspiration behind this anthem, especially during these challenging times, Liaison remarked candidly, “I’d like to come up with a really exciting answer for this, but the truth is I just had a brain spark one day and decided to create a DnB record that I couldn’t seem to find in the current music fashion.”

The allure of Liaison’s music is in its intriguing blend of the visceral and the crafted. A track like ‘Love Will Take You Higher’ tempts listeners with soulful vocals juxtaposed against the kinetic energy of DnB beats. On his creative process, Liaison shared, “It sounds so cliché but it’s just a feeling at the time. Most of my songs are a well-executed accident! It’s all just about feeling for me.”

DnB giants from High Contrast to Shy FX have indelibly imprinted Liaison’s musical psyche. He fondly recalls, “Growing up these guys were some of the DnB kings. They had a style and a sound which just seemed to resonate with me.”

Yet, the universality of ‘Love Will Take You Higher’ doesn’t just lie in its beats. It carries a message, subtle but profound. Liaison believes in letting the music speak to individual souls, noting, “I just know it makes them dance and feel a certain way and for me that’s enough.”

Revisiting his own evolution since the age of 15, Liaison’s journey is a testament to growth through tenacity and passion. “Time gives you that,” he mused, thinking back on his past works. “Someone once told me it’s like a shitty tap, you’ve got to let the dirty water run for a while and get it all out before the good stuff starts to come through.”

As his music gains traction, with stalwarts like High Contrast and Sub Focus acknowledging his genius, Liaison reflects with a touch of wonder, “It’s an homage to them really. The fact they then actively support it in radio shows, gigs, and the likes is mad!”

Live performances, too, have reshaped his approach. After his debut supporting LUUDE at The Arch in Brighton, Liaison’s insights into performing were eye-opening. “Playing my own records is great. I get to road test them to a proper DnB crowd and gauge how good they are early on,” he expressed, emphasizing the instant feedback loop live gigs provide.

Looking forward, Liaison is teeming with excitement for what’s to come, hinting at collaborations with the likes of Ady Suleiman and Flourish, and always in pursuit of that quintessential “Liaison Sound”.

For those aspiring to carve their niche, Liaison’s advice is straightforward and earnest. “Keep going, be relentless in your approach. There is always room for talent.”

As we anticipate his next rhythmic masterpiece, Liaison envisions the future with ambition and clarity, dreaming of “a live show with a live orchestra – brass bands, wind sections, and gospel choirs.” Given the trajectory he’s on, it’s not a question of if, but when.


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