MARNIK: Evolving Sounds, Fusion Genres, and the Italian Touch

marnik interview

The electronic music world is nothing short of dynamic and ever-evolving. And at the forefront of this change is the dynamic Italian duo, MARNIK.

From their latest remixes to their future aspirations, MARNIK sheds light on the force driving their creative innovation.

Having made significant waves in the past, MARNIK’s recent release “Boyz In Paris” promises to be another milestone. “The release of ‘Boyz In Paris’ has opened new doors, and we hope to keep rising and evolving into a new sound,” they shared enthusiastically. Fans can expect more from them as they reveal their plans of “adding new tour dates and releasing new tracks in these last months of the year.”

Their collaboration with VINAI on the remix of ‘Rock My Body’ is an exceptional testament to their innovative spirit. Drawing inspiration from Sash!’s original, “Ecuador,” they have successfully combined trance and techno elements, adding a hint of pop to the mix with Inna’s voice. “It’s a crossover of different genres,” they describe.

Known for blending electronic genres seamlessly, MARNIK believes that the essence of being a DJ and producer is in continually exploring and connecting varied sounds. “Listening to Hans Zimmer’s soundtrack while watching a movie can inspire us to create something completely new,” they elucidated, emphasizing the importance of diverse inspirations.

With a decade of touring experience, MARNIK has graced countless venues. While they find it challenging to pick a favorite, the energy of Tomorrowland definitely stands out. “Playing in a club is different from a festival. It’s all about the energy created by the connection with the audience,” they reflected.

Their Italian roots undeniably play a significant role in their artistry. Drawing from the rich history of Italian music, from 80’s Italo disco to 90’s Eurodance, MARNIK believes their cultural background adds a curious and creative touch to their craft.

Being a duo, especially in the fast-paced world of music, comes with its set of challenges. But for MARNIK, mutual respect and understanding prevail. “Sometimes it’s hard to make it all work since we’re often distant from each other, but if there’s a will, there’s a way,” they expressed.

As for what the future holds, fans can anticipate an influx of Techno and Urban Techno. “The evolution of our music is pushing us in this direction,” they hinted, also revealing plans to launch their own label.

For budding producers, MARNIK’s advice is straightforward: start with a reference and focus on the main elements. “Less is more” is a mantra they swear by.

On a lighter note, when questioned about choosing between pizza or pasta, their Italian roots shone brightly, “Both of them,” they laughed.

In the end, MARNIK’s journey is a testament to their passion for music, their Italian heritage, and their unyielding quest for innovation. As they continue to break boundaries, fans worldwide eagerly await their next masterpiece.


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