Super Flu Drop Dope Remix For MOLLONO.BASS On 3000 Grad

mollono.bass super flu remix

No Silence: In this track Mollono.Bass fills the aural space around the voice of singer Kuoko as if his groove was a liquid that flows around the contours of a mould.

The Super Flu remix works just the other way around.

First, the duo initiates a pulsating force field of bass and enigmatic hints of melody. The voice of Kuoko creates only fine ripples on the surface of the time-space-continuum, before it breaks through around the middle. Stephan Zovsky’s remix of Your Smile draws a wonderful contrast to this deeply hypnotic atmosphere. As a close friend of Mollono.Bass he has a deep understanding of the melodic soul of the original, which enables him to translate this soul into his very own style in an extremely elegant way. Driven by open hi-hats and the bite of the snare we’re hurled into a bouncing state of collective euphoria where the corners of our mouths and our arms are pulled upwards by some sort of magnetic force.


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