Teddy Killerz Resurfaces With The ‘Dangerous Levels’ EP

teddy killerz dangerous levels

Most might recognize Teddy Killerz as the eclectic bass music act that shaped the soundscape of many popular electronic artists today.

However, these pioneers of the genre are nowhere near done with their sonic journey. The legendary trio resurfaces once again to provide an exuberant two-track EP accurately named ‘Dangerous Levels’. The EP will be available for streaming and purchase via Underdog Records on Friday, August 27th.

Bringing their unapologetically aggressive drum & bass sound to these two dubstep tracks, Teddy Killerz has conceived two nuclear tunes that every DJ will want to have in their arsenal.

Along with swinging baselines and earthquake-like drums, the gritty noises that people have come to expect from a Teddy Killerz number are front and center in the title track.

The EP also features an explosive joint effort with Underdog Records head honcho, Protohype. This collaboration of dubstep giants is sure to provide the heavyweight punch that dubstep fans are looking for.

“We had a lot of fun writing these tracks, and both tunes flowed very naturally for us. This EP is a twist on the traditional Teddy Killerz DnB sound; we really wanted to put out our take on dubstep. We enjoyed collaborating with Protohype, and we hope you love our new EP” – Teddy Killerz


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