UKF release Drum & Bass 2017 and here’s our favourite tracks from this monstrous compilation


Drum & bass in totality has had a massive 2017. We have witnessed one of the finest years Drum & bass has ever produced. 2017 saw several artists stepping outside their comfort zones and experiment and mix-up any style they see fit.

We’ve also seen some of biggest names in the industry such as Ulterior Motive, DLR and Icicle open their own labels and put out music independently and it goes without saying that UKF have been the biggest influences in supporting such magnificent drum & bass music.

The bass music giants have released their yearly compilation, UKF Drum & Bass 2017, boasting 23 essential tracks from household artists such as drum & bass dons Dimension, Fred V & Grafix, Friction, The Prototypes and Wilkinson, as well as rising artists like Flite and 1991 – a selection that showcases this year’s most prolific releases, specially curated by the bass music authority.

As always, with an album of this magnitude, it was really difficult to pick our favorites from the compilation but we have managed to pick some of our favorite tunes.

First up is one of the arguably the biggest collab of the year featuring two of Britain’s finest drum & bass artists, Wilkinson and Dimension.

With ‘Rush’, you can quite literally feel their sounds combining immaculately. Because of its long and emotive intro, ‘Rush’ has the potential of destroying any dancefloor in the world and precisely why it is the first tune on the album.

Next up is a tune from one of our favorite emerging artists ‘Mayk Yu Myne?’ by 1991.

We have been massive admirers of 1991’s music and freshness he brings to his music is like no other. After making an explosive debut in 2016 with ‘Witchdoctor’, the charismatic artist hasn’t looked back and we have seen glimpse of different styles being used in his ‘Dim Sum’ EP and 1991 delivered yet again with ‘Mayk Yu Myne?’. Flawlessly incorporating halftime and dubstep, coupled with fluffy synths and wicked R&B twist, ‘Mayk Yu Myne?’ is one of 1991’s finest work we have come across to date.

Next up is one of the most persuasive tunes of 2017, ‘Black Church’ by the mighty Dimension.

The track has an infectious energy attached to it which you can’t get out of. Characterized by a stark, string plucked chord progressions and healthy helpings of bass, Dimension went out of his way to give the track a definite air of defiance and it is further emphasized by the powerful female vocals, which add an extra level of intrigue to the track’s unique personality. Definitely one of the top 5 tunes of the year.

Next up, ‘Care For Me’ by Document One and Joe Ford.

Document One and Joe Ford probably the most unlikely collaborations this year but they’re clearly one that kicks arse in all directions. Both brought their A-game to the table with something for everyone: strong musicianship, scalp-singeing bass, a soaring vocal and a beautiful jazzy drop that swallows you whole and spits you out alive on the second drop. This tune has the ability to turn dancefloors upside down.

Finally, the last one, ‘Levelz’ from The Prototypes and Mad Hed City.

Having collaborated before for ‘Pop It Off’ in 2015, the electrifying duo collaborated again this year for ‘Levelz’ and this tune cemented The Prototypes’ place in drum & bass as one of the most distinctive and alluring acts. Levelz is not for the faint hearted. High energy rhythmic progressions, and deep, eerie vocals coupled with intense layers of synths make this track the ideal track to absolutely skank on.

The compilation also features 4 fantastic exclusives from the likes the Hybrid Minds, Flite, Memtrix and Hillsdom. Hybrid Minds bring their signature style to the fore along with delightful vocals by Alexa Harley while Flite delivers a tune filled beautiful cinematics. Memtrix yet again impresses with his signature gritty style of drum & bass and finally finishing off with Hillsdom deliver a sultry anti-drop tune featuring Sally Watts. 4 exclusive tunes paying homage to a brilliant compilation.

UKF always impressed us with their taste-making, and this release is no exception. Packed full of 23 incredible tunes from the biggest names in music, this is definitely not one to miss. If you haven’t got it already, be sure to add it to your holiday wishlist as essential listening for any bass music fan. Representing the broad diversity of talent that makes the drum & bass scene as strong as ever, this compilation is another key addition to the legendary tastemaker’s collection.

Listen to the full mix below:

UKF Drum & bass 2017 Tracklist:
01. Wilkinson & Dimension – Rush
02. 1991 – Mayk Yu Myne?
03. Loadstar – I Need The Night
04. Friction feat. Doctor – Mad In The Jungle
05. Memro – Altitude (Maduk Remix)
06. Delta Heavy – Kaleidoscope
07. Pegboard Nerds – Speed of Light (Andy C Remix)
08. Koven – Figure
09. T & Sugah feat. MVE – Sleepless
10. Aero Chord & Anuka – Incomplete (Muzzy Remix)
11. Dimension – Black Church
12. Flite – Progression
13. Hillsdom feat. Sally Watts – Second Nature
14. GLXY feat. James Robb – Proposition
15. Hybrid Minds feat. Alexa Harley – Solitude
16. Camo & Krooked & Mefjus – Mandala
17. 1991 – Kabuki
18. Joe Ford & Document One – Care For Me
19. Memtrix – Numb Eye
20. InsideInfo feat. Fable – Glimpse
21. My Nu Leng & Friction – Jigsaw
22. What So Not – Divide & Conquer (Noisia Remix)
23. The Prototypes feat. Mad Hed City – Levelz

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