Vincent Barrea’s “Zoom Zoom” receives a remix from Kovalenco Gennadi


The first single from Vincent Barrea, “Zoom Zoom” has been a great start for the young European artist’s career.

Such was the impact of this track that immediately grabbed the attention of many artists in the scene including the London based producer Kovalenco Gennadi.

With dreamy synths and crisp vocals grabbing your attention right from the start, the energy in the track piles up quite rapidly before taking to the incredibly energetic drop that is adorned by many melodic elements! Truly, that is a very creative piece of production. As the pace increases towards the end, the artist has ensured to offer a feeling of fulfillment to the listeners!

The original version from Vincent saw huge success in Latin America, Australia, France, and many other places. This remix will only take the track to a wider audience as Kovalenco’s music is largely popular on the radio. Vincent is someone who is keen on experimenting and developing new styles of music. He also brings in his experience of being a fashion photographer, an actor and that of a blogger, to cater to different kinds of audiences.

With big plans set in mind, the artist intends to work with experienced producers, and club DJs to understand their ways of music, to in-turn enrich his own styles. We are certain that he will feature on the big stages around the world quite soon! What do you think of this track? Let us know in the comments below. Download the track here.

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