Yves V Releases Summer Anthem With Afrojack & Icona Pop – ‘We Got That Cool’!

yves we got that cool

Surely, this is one of this summer’s most uplifting tunes, presented by a true dream team, consisting of Yves V, Afrojack, and Icona Pop.

“Collaborations are so fun and can really bring out another side to an artist and it was so great to link-up with Afrojack again and bring Icona Pop along for the ride! The girls really nailed the summer vibes with a strong vocal across our bumping house melody that I hope everyone will be singing along to in their cars, at the beach and across festivals this season!”- Yves V

‘We Got That Cool’ features an uplifting house groove, radiant pop sentiments, and a world-famous, addictive ‘Gypsy Woman’ melody. Meanwhile, Icona Pop lights up the chorus with bright vocals, turning this record into a burst of feel-good energy.

“When I first heard this track, I liked everything about it. It’s a perfect track for the summer!” – Afrojack

An instant classic here, that’s bound to soundtrack this summer season!

“First time we heard the beat to ‘We Got That Cool’, it brought us right back to when we first started DJing, 13 years ago! It was a no brainer that we wanted to join Yves V and Afrojack on this track! It’s all about being in the zone with your partner in crime and being nothing but in the present, as we’re entering this summer heat in front of us.”- Icona Pop


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