Footage From Avicii’s Iconic Set At Ultra Music Festival From A Decade Ago Is Released On His YouTube Channel

avicii iconic set ultra music festival

Avicii was always ahead of his times and his iconic music which resonates across festival stages and dancefloors till date is only a testament to the fact.

His historic set from Ultra Music Festival in Miami a decade ago from 2013 heard him introduce a whole new sound which wasn’t immediately accepted by the audiences and even got booed.

However, six months later when he went on to release the same music it went on to become part of an industry shaping and iconic album ‘True.’ While 2013 in and of itself was a massive year for electronic dance music, Avicii was already at its helm with the release of one of the most iconic EDM songs of all time even till date “Levels” in 2011.

When he took to the mainstage at Ultra Music Festival and started dropping a whole lot of new music with a whole new flavor and aspects of live musicians accompanying his set, it initially left the audience confused. Dropping what went on to then become one of his biggest hits “Wake Me Up” he brought on stage Aloe Blacc who was on vocals, accompanied by a live banjo and two guitars.

Years after the performance as well in an interview with Spin (link – ) in 2019, Blacc said, “When we performed at Ultra, it was just awkward. I don’t think even the sound people knew what they were doing. Everybody else at the festival had air cannons and pyro and half-naked girls dancing on stage. Then here comes Tim with drums, banjo, fiddle, guitar and three singers.”

Just months later though, Tim trusted in his music and dropped ‘True’ with legendary tracks like “Hey Brother”, “Addicted To You” and “Wake Me Up” which went on to shape the future soundscape in his own iconic way.

Today, his estate released 10 plus minutes of footage from this historic set on YouTube in celebration of a decade to the momentous set described as a groundbreaking concert, where Avicii invited musicians to play live on stage — showing his brave way of mixing EDM music with other genres and elements in “a moment that changed EDM music forever.” The featured tracks are “Addicted To You” with Audra Mae and “Dear Boy” with MØ.

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