Avicii uses Instagram for new album’s innovative marketing plan


Avicii has just gone one step further in the promotion of his new album, Stories! Using Instagram as the main channel the Swede’s profile has been converted to an interactive game of sorts.

It can’t really be explained but here’s the gist of it, you click on the picture and follow the resulting tag leading you to another part of the story.

The story begins as follows…
“After enslaving the human race Dr. Hush has banned all music and brainwashed the population into mindless zombies.

You are Avicii and your mission is to infiltrate Dr. Hush’s broadcasting station, and play the last remaining song in the world to awaken the people…”

1. Tap anywhere on the image 2. Press the pop-up tag to continue

A photo posted by @avicii_begins on

Enjoy ;)

Khushrav Bhada
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