Beatport Set to Remove Unsold Tracks from Before 2019 In New Clean-Up


There is more music out there then is being consumed and one of the leaders and biggest online stores for digital music, Beatport has an ever-growing and extremely vast catalog.

Used by consumers and industry folk alike, Beatport has only grown stronger in the past year with Apple announcing that they are phasing out iTunes. Just days ago, the giant digital music store announced they will be starting a “yearly storage clean-up procedure” to edit their catalog from later this year. 

As first reported by DJ Tech Tools, the said clean-up procedure will start at the end of the previous calendar year – so for this first round, the impacted tracks will be the ones with no sales and released prior to January 1, 2019. They do however plan to do this on a yearly basis so as to declutter the catalog a bit. 

Jason Woholstadter from Proton Radio and shared the letter from Beatport sent out to Labels and Music suppliers earlier this week.

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Just like there are two sides to a coin, we can see the positive and negative impacts of this move from Beatport. For many artists out there digital music stores such as Beatport were where their music lived forever, with or without engagement on the tracks.  But on the flip side for even a mammoth-like Beatport, if they let the endless stream of incoming music sit on their catalog, it makes it much harder to maintain and curate the quality of their offerings. 

It’s not likely that this spring cleaning will automatically make Beatport any significant savings, it will surely help push artists and labels to push sales of the track to ensure a continued space on Beatport, resulting in benefits to both. 

While this clean-up will be solely on Beatport, it will not impact the same tracks on other platforms. What remains to be seen however is for how long now this remains to be the case. 

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