deadmau5 Announces Red Rocks ‘day of the deadmau5’ VIP Experience Package Sale

day of the deadmau5 2021

As a leader in music and technology, it’s a natural next step for deadmau5 to dive head first into the metaverse, blockchain and NFT’s for the sale of VIP packages for his upcoming Red Rocks ‘day of the deadmau5’ shows November 4 and 5.

This Thursday, August 19 starting at noon MST the bespoke deadmau5 VIP shop hosted by White-Label NFT Hub creator, NFT.Kred will open. VIP Experience NFTs sold in the marketplace can be redeemed to RSVP for exclusive VIP access & to meet deadmau5 at Red Rocks.

The NFTs are transferable prior to redemption, making it easy for collectors/fans to resell on the secondary market should they not be able to attend.

Joining deadmau5 on the legendary Red Rocks stage for both nights will be mau5trap artist Lamorn. Titled by Billboard as deadmau5’s official protege, the 18 year old electronic artist is fresh from joining the label head on sold out headline dates in New York City, Saint Louis and Phoenix.

To mark the occasion, Lamorn will unveil his all new live show, featuring the emerging artist on keys, controllers, guitar and vocals. Lamorn’s next single “Lonely Light” arrives on August 19 via mau5trap alongside the release of the VIP packages.

The future of verifiably owned authentic digital assets starts with blockchain technology. Instead of one central organization owning all of your data, it’s hosted on a network (blockchain). It’s a system of recording information in a way that makes it difficult or impossible to change, hack, or cheat.

At the time of writing there are 860+ blockchains, and over 1,000 use cases for the technology. Those numbers are growing rapidly every day as the entertainment industry begins to understand the upside of managing and tracking all of its own IP. Web3, the new ‘web’ ecosystem, is developing to become the home to many new technological innovators and artistic creators.

Mass adoption may be slow to start but as more mainstream integrations with blockchain occur, the world around us will become enthralled in the technology; integrations like selling VIP packages on the blockchain.

About the deadmau5 VIP sale:

Date: Thursday, August 19
Time: 12pm MDT

Collection Name / Info:

Collection Name: day of the deadmau5 @ Red Rocks – VIP Experience

Collection Bio: The first of many deadmau5 VIP experience launches via the blockchain.

Collection breakdown:
‘day of the deadmau5’ at Red Rocks Amphitheatre is a two-day event, November 4 and 5. Each day will have its own bespoke NFT that acts as the key to redeem a VIP experience. Tickets to the event are not included in the package.


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