495 Dutch Music Festival Organizers Come Together To Protest Against the Government

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One by one, we saw the promised return of live music this summer, get shattered by cancellations straight into 2022. With the Dutch government choosing to extend their Covid-19 restrictions with no plans to ease insight, the festivals are left in the dark and see no light at the end of the tunnel.

Now, 495 festival organizers and counting are coming together to host protests in 5 cities across the Netherlands to send the government a message that while restrictions for public health are understandable, there needs to be a plan for return.

Being triggered by the abrupt cancellation of Tomorrowland after being lead on by the government right up until they were forced to cancel after the request for their event permits was abruptly denied by the government officials.

In a translation from the official website for the event, they said “After months of efforts by the events sector to meet the wishes of the government, it must be concluded that the intentions were one-sided. During the recent press conferences, festivals were once again not given the green light, despite the promise that they could take place again when everyone who wants to has been vaccinated. That moment is now, but the promise is officially broken.”

The protests aim to have the government end their double standards as the website states that sporting. The events of over 70,000 visitors per day are already being allowed and have proved that it is possible to begin hosting these events without overwhelming the healthcare system.

They also shared examples of events that mandated vaccinations, sharing examples of Exit Festival in Serbia, which saw 180,000 visitors, including and Lollapalooza in Chicago which saw 385,000 visitors and reported a case rate of only 0.05%.

“Unmute Us!” will take place from 14:00 in Groningen, Nijmegen, Utrecht, Rotterdam and Amsterdam on August 21. The message: Stop the arbitrariness! We require that events can take place again at full capacity as of September 1, 2021.

Complete details of the event along with an extensive list of the participating organizations can be found here.

For updates, follow Unmute Us here

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