Fabric London Bans All Photography And Videography On The Dance Floor!

fabric nightclub london

Expected to be opening on the 23rd of July, the popular nightclub in London, Fabric, comes with an announcement that is quite surprising!

In an effort to keep the real essence of clubbing alive, Fabric has banned photography and videography on the dance floor. It comes as a unique announcement as the club intends to focus on the experience of music rather than being lost in technology.

“fabric is London’s home for underground music, always aiming to create a feeling of self-expression on the dancefloor,” the club said in a statement, and in that light, the club had urged people to “Be in the moment” and respect the artists too!

Fabric co-founder Cameron Leslie said: “fabric has always had a no camera policy but as camera phones proliferated that became harder to enforce and we got a bit lax about it.

While the pandemic has kept the dance music scene all virtual, this comes as a welcome move for most dance music fans who want to relish and submerge themselves in the glory of music itself.

What do you think about this move from Fabric?

Pavan Kumar


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