Hardwell Talks About Impact Of Avicii’s Death On His Life

impact of avicii death on hardwell

Early this year, Hardwell broke his 4 year break to make the historic comeback.

It was obvious that there was more to this story, and everyone was eager to know what would happen next. While talking with Zane Lowe, he discussed the effects of touring on his life, his inability to feel at home in his own home, and the trigger that led him to take a break, which was the tragic death of his friend and fellow music pioneer, Avicii.

Taking time to explain the difficulty of making a choice that will impact not only himself, but his team and everyone he holds dear, Hardwell also discusses his decision to take a step back a little.

He says,

“Avicii was the best electronic musician I’ve ever met. He still is to this day. You’re never going to convince me there’s someone better in making melodies and chords, and writing such catchy hooks. He knew exactly what he wanted, songwriting, the way the singer should sing, the way he wrote his melodies, his signature in every song, still being super diverse. I learned a lot from him, especially his musical talent.”

It had become apparent that Hardwell was struggling with something, and touring was not an easy task. As the world mourned the passing of Avicii, it also became clear that artists are struggling to cope with the high demands of their work. After reflecting upon that exact situation, Hardwell chose mental and physical health over anything else, a decision everyone supported.

Now that it is back in full form and more than positive ever we can’t wait for the star to rise to the top again.

The artist has embarked on a Rebels Never Die tour and released a series of tracks under the newly formed Bigroom Techno genre.

Shantanu Gursal


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