How Martin Garrix helped Mike Yung through the “darkest hours of his life”

martin garrix and mike yung

The DJ Mag #1 DJ Martin Garrix isn’t just making noise for the scintillating music he has constantly produced but is also making us look up to him with respect for his display of humanity. The young DJ recently teamed up with the inspiring subway singer from America, Mike Yung who featured on America’s Got Talent. Although the music itself is making a lot of noise, there’s a lot more to that collaboration than just music.

Mike Yung expressed his love and gratitude to Martin for helping him “through the darkest hours” of his life. In an emotional social media post, the singer whose voice is now well-known in America confessed that the exposure on TV didn’t really change his life and that he had to go through tough times in spite of all the fame.

“After I had gotten kicked off the show last summer, many people thought I made it. I hadn’t. We had to raise a Kickstarter to keep things going, and even that wasn’t even enough”, Mike wrote.

“There are things in life you cannot explain. And that’s God. And I want to thank God for Martin and everything he’s done for me. I hope this finally shows record labels I still got what it takes for a debut album” he added.

It is surely these little acts that make a whole world of difference and inspires many. Music is surely not restricted to entertainment, but also extends to a more intimate understanding of life and of others, in general. Great job, Martin!

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Pavan Kumar


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