Announcement: Phase 2 tickets for Justin Bieber’s ‘Purpose Tour India’

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Yep, that’s right! In just less than 2 hours, Phase 2 tickets for Justin Bieber’s debut Purpose Tour show in India will be going LIVE on Bookmyshow.

Phase 2 tickets

Now we really hope (for your sake) that the website can handle the load its about to get, cos from what we believe there are about limited tickets up for sale and a whole lot of more beliebers in the country.

Joining Justin Bieber will be Alan Walker, the Norwegian DJ/Producer who’s famously known for hits like Alone & Faded.

So what are you waiting for? Get in line to buy your tickets NOW! Prices start from 5040/-

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Khushrav Bhada

Content Writer - EDM News & Spotify Correspondent at T.H.E - Music Essentials
DJ, content creator and team partner at T.H.E, Khushrav is a music enthusiast whose interests spread across all genres from electronic to hip-hop to classical opera.

Khushrav’s passion for dance music started early on as he began creating weekly podcast episodes of the latest electronic music across genres and has mixed over 200 episodes over a span of 5years. As a dance music enthusiast, Khushrav still keeps up to date with every week’s releases, contributing to THE’s Spotify playlists.
Khushrav Bhada
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