The official trailer for the inaugural Tomorrowland Winter festival is here [WATCH]

Tomorrowland winter 2019 trailer

2019 will be the year that will witness another iconic launch in the music world.

The biggest dance music festival in the world, Tomorrowland, launches its winter edition starting this year and it just doubles up all the excitement that the festival is known for.

The Tomorrowland Winter festival’s theme for the inaugural edition is ‘The Hymn of the Frozen Lotus’ and going by that uniqueness of the theme, it surely deserves a teaser right? Yes, the festival has now released an official trailer of this grand event.

The winter festival offers fans to choose between the Mysterious 7-Day and the Fascinating 4-Day adventures – and oh, don’t worry about the fun you’ll have, there’s no compromise on that irrespective of which one you choose!

It is always fascinating to see what the guys at Tomorrowland are always up to and with each passing year, the bar is raised ten-fold! This time, we just have to wait until the 9th of March to get a good dose of being fascinated!

Till then why don’t you start making plans and have a look at the festival map here?

Pavan Kumar


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