Keeno – All The Shimmering Things [REVIEW]


It is safe to say that William Keen aka Keeno is one of UK’s finest Drum & bass exports we have come across in recent years and it would be absurd to not hold Keeno amongst the very best drum & bass producers at the moment.

Keeno’s music always communicates a story. Orchestral, cinematic, beautiful – Keeno deals solely in the art of writing and producing breathtaking drum and bass.

After delivering two sensational albums since being tipped as one of the ‘Top 20 producers’ in 2013, the young prodigy is back with another album ‘All The Shimmering Things’.

The album, like Keeno’s previous two installments is another accumulation of ridiculously breathtaking music. Bringing his ability to infuse cinematics, sumptuous melodies to the fore, Keeno has delivered one of the albums of the year and we are giving you reasons why you should dig this masterpiece.

Musical Richness and depth of ‘All The Shimmering Things’

If you are a sucker for spine tingling melodies, silky smooth soundscapes and deep basslines, then look no further. ‘All The Shimmering Things’ is just the right place to find unification of astounding music. The title track ‘All The Shimmering Things’ is an ideal example of what we are trying to convey. It is a beautiful piece of music – one which could be viewed as a piece of classical composition enhanced by the drum and bass ingredient. It sets the mood for entire album with its intensely growing dramatic beat.

Moving on to the second track, ‘Is This The Way’ featuring the beautiful vocals by Abbie Rose, diversifies the disc as a whole and displays Keeno’s ability of demonstrating brilliantly constructed melodies, crafted with care and precision.

‘All The Shimmering Things’ is not a plain industrial drum & bass album. It is a meticulously crafted masterpiece.

If you are looking for a full throttle drum & bass album filled with dancefloor rollers, then you are in for disappointment. Keeno’s meticulously crafted compositions have transcended the dance sub-genre and the end result is a wonderful emotive album. ‘Jungle Ballet’ and ‘Amethyst’ explains why. If you are a fan of drum’n’bass music, then in fresh work from Keeno, you expressly will see new elements introduced by the young producer, that had not previously been observed. With ambient calming and soothing melodies, both the tunes tend to take the listener into a deep journey.

‘Cosmic Creeper’, which is by far our favorite tune from the album is what separates Keeno from other artist. The shimmering synths and piano infused in Cosmic Creeper is something we have never experienced from a producer so young and his productions sound like he is years ahead of his age.

Different styles explored by Keeno

All The Shimmering Things’ is a culmination of different styles explored by the Bristol based producer. Tracks like ‘Hidden Peaks’ and ‘Guesswork’ explain why Keeno is regarded as one of the finest young artists in the drum & bass spectrum. We had seen glimpses of different styles being used in ‘Futurist’ and All The Shimmering Things’ is an assertion of that. ‘Hidden Peaks’ begins with an ambient touch with scene with the use of brass instruments.

Soulfully and elegantly, ‘Hidden Peaks’ still manages to have a heavy flavour. With ‘Guesswork’, Keeno manages to evoke many different types of emotion throughout the tune. Like ‘Hidden Peaks’ , the track starts with delicious melodies and turns into a weighty drum & bass roller.

Keeno developing his own style and delivering with ‘All The Shimmering Things’

From the majestic flutterings of ‘Light Cascading’ to deep and euphoric tunes like ‘Nightingale Valley’ and ‘Piano Only’, Keeno has demonstrated his highly polished production skills with brilliantly constructed sonics, arrangements and melodies, seamlessly crafted with care and precision.

This album demonstrates Keeno’s unique talent in the world of drum and bass and is a successful progression from ‘Futurist’. The album embodies everything we’ve come to expect from this exceptionally talented young producer. Keeno definitely shows off his skills of a variety instruments and his phenomenal ability to create atmospheric, uplifting sounding drum and bass. A definite five star from us.

We’ve added the album mini-mix from Keeno’s album below. Have a listen for yourself!

Grab your copy here.

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