Mix Of The Week: Avi Sic

bass house mix 2023 by Avi Sic

Chicago’s very own Avi Sic takes the spotlight in the 235th edition of T.H.E – Podcasts, showcasing her exceptional talents as a DJ/Producer in the realm of electronic dance music.

Renowned for her ability to captivate audiences with her dynamic performances, Avi Sic brings an electrifying mix that’s both refreshing and exhilarating.

This special mix is a testament to Avi Sic’s versatility and mastery in blending various genres of dance music. Starting with “Loving You,” she sets the tone for an immersive experience that takes listeners on a journey through pulsating beats and rhythmic melodies. As the mix progresses, tracks like “Everybody Knows” and “Just Dancing” exemplify her skill in creating a seamless flow, keeping the energy high and the audience engaged.

A highlight of the mix is “Party Party,” a track that encapsulates Avi Sic’s ability to create a party atmosphere that’s both infectious and uplifting. The mix takes a turn with “Knockin’ Like,” showcasing her range in integrating deeper, more intense sounds. “Tension” and “Relax” further display her knack for balancing high-energy tracks with moments of melodic respite.

A unique collaboration in the mix is “In Your Face,” a team-up with Valy Mo, demonstrating Avi Sic’s collaborative spirit and her skill in enhancing her sound with the influences of others. The mix also includes a special edit of Fred again..’s “Delilah (pull me out of this)” by Avi Sic, adding her unique touch to an already popular track.

The mix concludes with “Kcha,” a collaboration with LÊ IZNER, a perfect finale to a set that showcases Avi Sic’s talent for crafting a narrative through music. This mix is not just a collection of tracks but a story told through the language of electronic beats and rhythms.

This edition of T.H.E – Podcasts with Avi Sic is more than just a showcase of her DJing prowess; it’s a vivid illustration of why she stands out in the competitive world of EDM. Her ability to keep the crowd moving, her impeccable selection of tracks, and her skill in mixing them together make this set a memorable experience for all electronic music enthusiasts.

For those who missed the live experience, the podcast is available for streaming, offering a chance to witness the magnetic energy and musical finesse of Avi Sic, a true gem in the world of electronic dance music.

Tracklist Highlight:

00:00 Avi Sic – Loving You
03:16 Avi Sic – Everybody Knows
06:28 Avi Sic – Just Dancing
09:47 Avi Sic – Party Party
13:02 Avi Sic – Knockin’ Like
17:21 Avi Sic – Tension
19:57 Avi Sic – Relax
22:43 Valy Mo, Avi Sic – In Your Face
25:30 Fred again.. – Delilah (Avi Sic Edit)
28:46 Avi Sic, LÊ IZNER – Kcha


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