Mix Of The Week: Awakcn

progressive house mix 2024

Awakcn, a Chinese music producer born in 2003, has quickly carved out a niche for himself in the world of Electronic Dance Music.

With a journey that began in his middle school years, Awakcn has traversed an impressive musical path. His relentless drive and a deep-seated passion for EDM saw him venture into music production in 2019, dedicating himself to honing his craft with an admirable zeal.

His exploration of various genres led him to the pulsating beats of progressive house, where he has since established a unique sound that distinguishes him in a crowded field. His debut track, released globally in 2020, marked the emergence of a new and promising talent in the electronic music scene. Garnering attention from numerous renowned labels, Awakcn’s music has resonated within the industry, indicating a bright future for this young artist.

This week, Awakcn takes the helm of our 253rd podcast, showcasing his captivating blend of progressive house tracks. This mix is a testament to his evolving artistry and his ability to weave intricate, emotional narratives through music. Don’t miss out on the experience of this emerging prodigy.


Awakcn, Andreayer & Max Landry – Time Runs Out
Awakcn – Ocean Love
Awakcn – We’ve Been Here
Awakcn & Nathan Brumley – Impossible Love
Awakcn & Krbread – ID
Awakcn & Robbie Hutton – Wounded In Love
Awakcn – Far Away
Awakcn & Robbie Hutton – Alibi
Awakcn – We Will Ignite
Awakcn – How Could I
Awakcn – Phantasm


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