Mix Of The Week: Deepmore

house music mix 2024

Prepare to be enthralled by Deepmore, the UK’s emerging powerhouse in the electronic music scene, as he brings an exclusive mix that perfectly encapsulates the essence of house and Nu-Disco.

Known for his seamless integration of nostalgic house vibes with the energetic pulse of Nu-Disco, Deepmore is setting a new standard for auditory experiences.

With his debut ‘Sweet Memories’ making waves in 2023, Deepmore continues to build on his success. His latest EP, ‘Touch Of Love’, released on the renowned ‘House Of Love’ label, has further cemented his place in the electronic music world. This exclusive mix is a testament to his journey, offering listeners a taste of his genius in melding euphoric beats with deep, soulful melodies.

This mix is more than a set of tracks—it’s a narrative woven through rhythm and melody, inviting you to delve into the rich tapestry of sounds that define the modern house and Nu-Disco movement.

00:00 Deepmore – Lovin’
05:08 Deepmore – Can Do
09:28 Deepmore – Babe
14:10 Deepmore – Oui
18:35 Deepmore – Love You
23:00 Deepmore – Funks


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