Mix Of The Week: Ryan Vick

edm mix 2023

In a spectacular showcase of electronic fusion, New York City’s own Ryan Vick graces T.H.E – Podcasts with a guest mix that transcends the ordinary. Known for his emotionally charged and genre-bending productions, Ryan Vick delivers a mix that is both an auditory feast and a testament to his evolving artistry. Out today, this mix is a journey through the heart of electronic music, echoing the diverse influences and unique soundscapes that define Vick’s musical identity.

An Ode to Musical Diversity

The mix kicks off with an electrifying start, featuring Ryan’s edit of Kate Bush’s iconic “Running Up That Hill.” This reimagining of a classic not only pays homage to the original but also infuses it with a fresh, future bass energy, setting a high bar for the journey ahead. Following this, “Calling,” a collaborative effort with Fockx, seamlessly blends pulsating rhythms with emotive undertones, showcasing Ryan’s knack for creating tracks that resonate with listeners on a deeper level.

As the mix unfolds, listeners are treated to “Wanna Wake Up” and “Adoring You,” original tracks by Ryan that encapsulate his signature style – a mix of robust future beats with melancholic rhythms. These tracks exemplify Ryan’s ability to weave together different elements to create a unique auditory narrative.

A Journey Through Sound and Emotion

One of the highlights of the mix is Ryan’s edit of Yael Naim’s “Toxic,” which showcases his talent for transforming well-known tracks into something entirely new and unexpected. This edit, along with his remixes of Robin S.’s “Show Me Love” and Post Malone’s “Congratulations,” are perfect examples of his skill in redefining existing musical landscapes.

The mix is not just a collection of songs; it’s a curated experience. Each track is carefully chosen and placed, creating a flow that takes listeners on a journey through various emotional and musical terrains. From the energetic beats of “All About” and “Syrinx” to the rhythmic complexities of “Rinse & Repeat” and “California,” each track adds a unique flavor to the mix.

A Testament to Artistic Evolution

Ryan Vick’s guest mix for T.H.E – Podcasts is more than just a display of musical prowess; it’s a narrative of his journey as an artist. It showcases his evolution from a future bass enthusiast to a creator of a multifaceted musical experience. This mix is a clear indication of Ryan’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of electronic music and his ability to craft soundscapes that are both innovative and deeply moving.

Listeners can tune in to T.H.E – Podcasts today to experience Ryan Vick’s stunning guest mix – a journey that promises to be as enriching as it is exhilarating.


00:00 Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill (Ryan Vick Edit)
00:50 Fockx & Ryan Vick – Calling
02:50 Ryan Vick – Wanna Wake Up
04:54 Ryan Vick – Adoring You
06:55 Yael Naim – Toxic (Ryan Vick Edit)
07:40 Ryan Vick – I Don’t Know How
09:57 Robin S. – Show Me Love (Ryan Vick Remix)
12:00 Ryan Vick – All About
14:10 Ryan Vick – Syrinx
16:08 MÆDM & Mike Riser – Rinse & Repeat (Ryan Vick remix)
18:50 Cristobal Tapia De Veer – The White Lotus (Ryan Vick Edit)
19:50 Post Malone – Congratulations (Ryan Vick Remix)
21:28 Fockx & Ryan Vick – Waking Up
24:09 Ryan Vick – Aftertaste
24:36 Ryan Vick – Lay Down
25:57 Ryan Vick – Luk At U
27:02 Fockx & Ryan Vick – Every Bit
29:20 Oski & NEOTEK – California (Ryan Vick remix)


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